APR Engineering

APR Engineering – Solving Engineering Problems for More than 24 Years

Hi, I’m Chris Percival, owner of APR Engineering. Believe it or not, that’s me, 30 years ago just getting started in engineering.

Since then we’ve built an expert team of talented tradespeople – together we’ve created thousands of engineering solutions.

APR Team Chris

Any competent machine shop can machine a component, with modern machines available today (including CNC) the results should be dead accurate.

Most of our clients want more than technical trade skills – they want… someone to Solve Their Engineering Problems.

When you have a problem it’s good to have someone to ask for help – someone who listens, asks the right questions and then offers the right advice for the solution.

Here’s…how we solve problems:

We Listen:
Really Listen! So you can be sure we understand your engineering problems and the solution. Not just quick fixes or short cuts but real solutions!

We ask questions:
Just like a doctor asking questions before treatment, we complete a full “Engineering Diagnostic Audit” to help pinpoint the key issues and provide you with solutions.

We explain things:
You’ll get all the facts and alternatives in our expert recommendation – in plain English to make an informed decision and remain in complete control.

Price options:
We guarantee to give you the best value – Up Front. No inflated prices. Choose from a detailed written quote or engage us on a “Cost Plus” basis.

On time delivery:
Some jobs need firm time-lines. To save costs, other jobs can be day-by-day (no over-time). Whatever your need – we’ll deliver your job On Time!

Attention to detail:
Don’t risk the delays of inaccurate work. We have a “measure twice, cut once” policy. We take care with the smallest details to deliver the right solution.

Quality Control:
From small bolts to large fabrications, your job is inspected twice for quality control. Once it’s approved it’s protective wrapped to ensure it arrives on site in perfect condition.

Ongoing Support:
We’re here to help you with all your engineering problems. Because we’re serious about giving you solutions (not just parts) we’ll phone you to make sure everything is working just as it’s supposed to. Call us any time if you need help.

We help clients all around Australia in Industries including…

  • Mining
  • Power Utilities
  • Underground Drilling
  • Engineering and
  • Manufacturing
  • Building Products
  • Handling and
  • Packaging
  • Food Industry
  • Medical
  • Transport
  • Special purpose machine manufacture

Need help?

Don’t put up with your engineering problems any longer. The team at APR Engineering have expert technical trade skills AND the experience to provide practical solutions.

For advice call us on (07) 3375 3000.

We look forward to helping you soon.